ZION, Illinois – April 3, 2017 – Multi-Pharma LLC, in collaboration with worldwide technology partners, introduces a comprehensive solution for the “beyond enterprise” management of drugs and consumables for pharmaceutical re-packagers and distributors–the first of its kind in the U.S. market. The product suite consists of comprehensive logistics management software that will allow for the total identification and traceability of drugs and consumables at any stage of the supply chain process. From receipt of drugs in the warehouse to dispensing finished product in the ward, clinic, or store, the system tracks 100% of the inventory and its movement for complete unit-level monitoring and dispensing activities. Stock replenishment is facilitated automatically from the centralized pharmacy or warehouse through the web-based software providing visibility to inventory anywhere within the enterprise and beyond.

The hardware components of the system include a scalable robotic warehouse for high-speed product storage and dispensing, and a portable automated cabinet that can be used as a safe or dispensary in a ward, pharmacy, or store; the logistics software manages replenishment of the inventory. There is also an automated unit dose packaging machine that erects, fills, seals, and labels meds in small boxes. It too can be integrated with the logistics software to receive re-packaging orders based on stock levels currently held in the warehouse or other locations.

The beauty of this solution is its modularity–the hardware as well as the software can be used independently. The unit dose packager can be configured in-line to the robotized warehouse to convey completed boxed medicines directly for storage and later dispensing. Modularity means flexibility, which is especially important because the solution can address problems for any size operation and budget–no customer is left behind.  


The value of Multi-Pharma’s robotized warehouse solution became well understood through a proposal developed by the company and a closed pharmacy for the automated storage and dispensing of pre-packed medications. The cost of the system to replace manual tasks was well below industry standard and included an in-line printing system. Calculations by the customer estimated an unprecedented ROI in just 88 days through the conservative reduction in FTEs by 50%. Time-to-dispense, which replaced manual picking and box labeling activities, was reduced from 16 hours per day to 4. Space utilization compared with current, though not important to the customer, was reduced by 30%. Joe Trygar, President of Multi-Pharma explained, “this is a prime example of what this technology is capable of achieving when affordable options are available to the customer. There’s no reason to spend upwards of a half a million dollars or more on this kind of solution when the quality and speed is available for a lot less. The robotized warehouse is a game changer for companies with large labor expenditures, inefficient workflows, space constraints, and conservative budgets–its application to drug management and workflow problems is limitless. The product suite broadens our portfolio and allows us to remain focused on high-quality logistics solutions–particularly technologies that are economical and transformative to our customers.”

Looming FDA requirements around serialization and track-and-trace will demand greater control and accountability of drug products dispensed from centralized operations. Scalable solutions that combine technology, such as robotized dispensing warehouses and cabinets, fully integrated with robust inventory tracking software that manages the drug supply through the entire logistical and end-user processes will become increasingly important in the years to come.

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