Blister packaging machine

Medspro® Robot

User Friendly. Easily Operated. Intuitive

Blister Packaging

Take your manual blister filling operation to the next level using the MedsPro blister packaging robot. Naturally integrated to Webstercare's MMS, it's small footprint easily fits into any size pharmacy and brings unprecedented safety and productivity to the blister filling process.

Every MedsPro robot has a dual platen packaging function allowing two packs to be filled at the same time doubling your output capacity. It holds 20 interchangeable pre-calibrated canisters with barcode driven MMS built right into the all-in-one touch screen computer. Usability is enhanced permitting staff to manage workflow intuitively. 


Vial Dispensing

Enjoy the same level of surety using the MedsPro system to fill vials with a unique pill tray instead of the blister platen. The MMS leverages the same structured filling process to provide your pharmacy operation the same safety and organization for patients receiving vial prescriptions.