Interior Design that Makes a Statement and Creates a Unique, Branded Atmosphere

Functional Beauty. A TH.Kohl design is more than fixtures and furniture, it is a visual representation of your shop's values and business identity−a design that enables the business to reach its goals, work more efficiently, or garner new customers. Whether your shop is large or small, your project, simple or complicated, TH.Kohl furniture and fixtures provide the best in design, function, and flexibility. 


  • Drawer systems
  • Sliding door cabinets  
  • Mounted and movable product display units  
  • Shelving 
  • Service kiosks
  • Service and consultation rooms  
  • Lab/prep areas


  • Architectural and design services
  • Proposed floor plan and interior design layout
  • Store branding and visual communication schemes
  • Construction transition plan
  • General contracting or collaboration with your contractors
  • All-at-once or phased renovation approach
  • Product Installation and servicing


Designed by KOHL Interiors

Forma was the first horizontal display system designed by Kohl Interiors. It is a self-supporting system with no vertical divisions permitting maximum product visibility and  significant product capacity. The system is made from vertical metal uprights able to support very high loads. The in-fills can be easily interchanged radically altering the look. Forma, like all the subsequent fixtures and fittings systems for shops designed by TH.KOHL Italia, is easy to take apart and can be reused in different configurations. The systems can be used for made-to-measure display elements, single and double-sided gondolas and sales counters. An extensive range of accessories permits the application of marketing and visual merchandising in the retail space.


Designed by Antonio Citterio

Europa is the display unit system designed by Antonio Citterio. It is particularly suitable for displaying and enhancing many types of products and is made using highly industrialized processes, from natural, 100% recyclable and non-toxic materials (European rating E1). The system is characterized by its frame, providing an immediate picture of the shop's various product areas. The system offers a number of different finishes, allowing for extensive customization: high precision extruded aluminum profiles, laser cut steel, backs and shelves made using numerical control systems.


Designed by Alberto Meda

XF is the new modular display unit system designed by Alberto Meda. This highly industrialized design is characterized by its load-bearing structure with aluminum uprights reinforced by specific cross pieces and supported by adjustable die-cast feet. The system is extremely light, simple, and flexible. It lends itself to transparent configurations as well as translucent and opaque backs. The fixtures and fittings system is made up of self-supporting modules, made to measure in both height and width. They can be used to create display gondolas, sales counters and consultancy tables. The system is completed by an extensive range of accessories, to make the very most of the products on display

Sliding Cabinets

The technical space is the area set aside for professional industry-specific activities, such as pharmaceutical preparations or health and wellness services, which require safety, practicality and ergonomics. A specific solution is proposed for every business after a careful analysis of the characteristics of the space and its requirements. The space is configured as a genuine "operating system," based on a modular self-supporting structure. The self-supporting structure is made from steel and can be accessorized with acid resistant worktops, sinks, suction hoods, hoods on wheels, drawers, shelves, and closed or open containers; the backs are divided into sections, providing easy access to the technical cavity for the passage of water and gas pipes and for electrical and IT connections.

Technical Spaces

Mobile cabinets guarantee the best ratio of occupied volume to volume of stored goods. Assembled on trolleys with large steel wheels, able to support heavy loads, the handle on the front is made from scratch-resistant material and provides an easy place to grip.

Each element consists of two racks with shared back, with fixed and mobile shelves fitted with side protection and partitions if required, in order to divide up the goods. The base on which the cabinets stand, has ground steel runners for easy movement of the modules, and can be easily adjusted to adapt to uneven floors.

Drawer Units

TH.Kohl was the first company to develop this product, with the objective of freeing up display space on the shelves. The drawer units are available in a wide range of different sizes and are very strong, with a high storage capacity. The drawer fronts are easy to customize in terms of shape, colors and materials. The drawers themselves are characterized by a silent opening system, great durability and an extensive system of colored and transparent mobile drawer dividers, which are extremely practical. Simply touch the drawers and they close on their own.