Automated Warehouse

Automated Product Warehouse and Dispensing System

Highly scalable hardware and robust software provide much needed management and control over all your inventory.  Imagine immediate visibility to expiring products, recalled lots, and real-time inventory levels–then imagine the fastest, most elegant robotized dispensing system ever. The automated warehouse is the one and only economical choice for hospitals, closed pharmacies, and warehouse applications to provide micro logistics of all of your small scale products. Everything you need and more in unit-level product management. Read on to learn how Sort, Store, Inventory, and Dispense automation can revolutionize your workflow–freeing your operation from inventory troubles and out-of-control staffing costs. 

BUSTERPICK Inventory Management

Precise Control Over Your Inventory 

The power of expediency

Best-in-class design and performance. With 100% scalability in height and length, low-start up and operational costs, and a highly innovative gripper, the automated warehouse is the technology of choice for your high-speed storage and dispensing needs. The liberated robot operates free of cables and belt systems to provide the greatest retrieval distance and most flexible installation configurations (I, L or U shaped). With unmatched robot sophistication and performance–traveling at 16 feet per second–the automated warehouse is all about simplicity in a system designed to deliver superior dispensing reliability and ease of maintenance. 

Automated Warehouse. Available as a standalone solution or as an integral part of the Micro Logistics System to provide the complete clinical and logistics management of drugs.  

Software designed to help you manage, track, and control your inventory providing complete traceability of in-take and dispensing activities. Integrate with our in-line high-speed printing system to reach unprecedented product throughput.


  • Increased robot distance means less robots
  •  Low start-up and operational costs
  •  Perpetual inventory management
  •  Control over expiring products and recalls
  •  Labor reduction and efficiencies
  •  Inventory replenishment thresholds
  •  Dispensing oversight and theft control


  • Manages barcoded or non-barcoded products
  • Robot runs free of harnesses and cable systems
  • Easy gripper replacement in 15 minutes
  • High dispensing throughput; 16 FPS traveling speed
  • Integrated or in-line product printing
  • Products dispensed to custom delivery points
  • Stock alerts at inventory replenishment thresholds
  • Automated stock sorter available

Rigid-sided Product Sorting

The product sorter is an optional add-on component to the BUSTERPICK system to provide complete automation warehouse stocking process, eliminating all scanning and staging tasks except opening the carton and emptying its contents into the bin:

  • Sorts and feeds products automatically to the robot for stocking in the warehouse.
  • Ultra fast sorting speed: sorts and stocks 250-350 boxed or non-rolling products per hour.
  • Integrates naturally to BUSTERPICK and in-line automated solutions.

Stock and Pack Automated Workflow Software

walk less. fill more.

Stock and Pack automates your physical order workflow process. Every aspect of your fulfillment process is translated into a customized configuration consisting of short-run conveyors and strategically placed delivery points. Orders are routed based on your predefined workflow. Automated product dispensing technology dispenses products directly to prep and shipping areas. Your inventory is managed, and order throughput increases significantly.


  •  Order management from release to shipping–integrates with PMS software
  •  Automated mechanized workflow of fulfillment tasks
  •  Expeditied order routing
  •  High-speed product dispensing
  •  Perpetual inventory management
  •  Integrates with existing technology
  •  Combine with packaging equipment

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