Logistics Solutions For Pharmacy and Warehouse

Store. monitor. distribute. replenish.

We offer high-speed mechanical and robotized logistic automation solutions for small package order-level fulfillment. Our solutions are modular, which means every component can be utilized independently or together to provide a near hands-free solution for your current order fulfillment problems. Contact us to learn how you can automate order fulfillment, reduce labor costs, and increase throughput, in your operation today.

Drug and Narcotics Security

A robotized cabinet for the secure and controlled storage and dispensing of medicines in the pharmacy, dispensary, or in remote locations. Compact, customizable storage, controls and tracks cabinet activity. Theft-resistant exterior is ideal for securing drugs in any environment. 

Automated Drug Warehouse

A robotized automated warehouse that facilitates high-speed storage and dispensing activities for boxes and stable bottle products. The system provides perpetual inventory management with real time visibility to stock levels. Data analytics helps you manage inventory to precise levels based on set thresholds, and dispensing trends. 


A Clever combination of hardware and software for total identification and traceability of drugs and consumables


WEB Logisitics

beyond enterprise: powerful software to manage your inventory everywhere

WEB Logisitics. An ideal and easy-to-use software for tracking all drugs and consumables received, packaged, and dispensed from your central fill or warehouse operation. WEB Logisitics is your conduit to monitoring and managing inventory, raw or finished anywhere: in the Automated Drug Warehouse,  in the Drug Dispensary, sitting on a shelf, at other facilities, or in the Nursy-Rolly eMedication cart. All inventory monitoring and replenishment activities–100% visibility, 100% control, access anywhere through WEB Logistics.


Comprehensive logistic oversight has never been so easy

  • 100% visibility to all inventory–from the minute it hits your dock to any point in your process flow–all you need is BUSTERWEB

  • Set inventory thresholds

  • Replenishment list generation manually or automatically through set inventory thresholds

  • Queue repackaging orders to BUSTERDOSE for replenishment

  • Low inventory warnings

  • Integrates with 3rd party suppliers

  • Inventory reporting

  • Complete pharmaceutical traceability using linear and 2D bar codes.


WEB Clinic. In-the-cloud clinic software manages and controls e-prescriptions written by the physician and links drug administration processes clinic-side through mobile devices to care facility applications and the WEB Logisitics system for 360° monitoring of inventory levels and utilization. Inventory levels are better managed based on drug usage analytics, facilitating replenishment easily and accurately with the central fill pharmacy. 


Contact us to learn more about how Micro Logistics can fully automate drug management in your pharmacy or dispensary.