Blister Packaging Products 

Webster-pak Cold Seal is a convenient, disposable and inexpensive solution using pressure sensitive adhesive air tight paper-backed foil, which means no specialized sealing equipment is required. 


  • Pre-inserted blister 
  • Large blister option 
  • Empty card option to let you choose which size suits the profile
  • Top folding to pack multiples 
  • Clear information at the top of the card including patient's name, photo, and non-packed medications 
  • Waved edge to help align the label for quick application 
  • Easy sealing with pressure sensitive adhesion - no equipment necessary 
  • Laser labelling in color using the Medical Management Software (MMS) 
  • Vibrant colors distinguish the different times of day
  • Customizable scheduling to begin each card on whatever day is best 

Flexi‐pak Cold Seal (shown right) features tear‐off dosages for ultimate convenience. Perforations in the pack enable individual doses to be removed and taken with the client or carer wherever they go. The remaining

medication stays safely attached to the main pack so it is easy to see where you are up to. Each individual blister compartment is labelled with essential information including client name, dosage time, day of the week, and the medications contained within the blister compartment.

Perforated Blister Pack Multi-Pharma

Perfect for hospital discharge patients, respite patients, community patients, patients taking medications while at school/work or away from home, and patients on short term medication or in the process of reducing dose medications.


Blister Pack Back Example Multi-Pharma

Portion-Pak is an individual, tear-off dosage system which has all the advantages of a multi-dose card, the safety of color coding, and the convenience of Flexi-pak detachable doses. Portion-Pak comes in strips of seven allowing nurses and care workers to remove each dose before the medicastion round and put it in a carry tray. The lid is peeled back leaving redient photo attached to the blister. 

Portion-pak Multi-Pharma


  • Resident photo always stays attached 
  • Portable doses are lightweight 
  • Large blister size lets you use the blister as a medication cup, to crush tablets, and purée before administering allowing for fewer crush cups to be used thereby reducing waste and aiding the environemnt. 
  • Works with Webstercare products
  • Speeds up the packaging process by allowing multiple medications to be placed into one blister